Do Search Engines Know What is On Your Website?

Enter the details below and we will generate an online report for you showing how you how well your webpage is optimised for the search engines. The report will focus on On-Page Optimisation, not Off Page Optimisation.

It will identify where there are problems with your on-page optimisation that need to be fixed and so your webpage will rank well on the search engine results when people search for your key words and phrases.

We will also email you a full report (pdf) so you can then keep this and work to improve your on-page search engine optimisation.

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What is On-Page SEO Optimisation?

On-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is optimising each page of your website for specific key words or key phrases. Most of this on-page SEO is done in the background of the webpage and tells the search engines exactly what the webpage is about and this means when people search for your key words and phases your page will rank higher than your competitors in the search results. Find out more.

What effects On-Page SEO

There are many different things that effect on-page search engine optimisation some which have a big influence when optimising such as meta tags and header tags and others have less of an influence such as Social Media but if you do all of the items highlighted below each page on your website will be well optimised.
Сheck your page titles and meta descriptions are optimised for your search query
Check if you have used your meta tags descriptions in the copy on the page
Check which h-tags you have used on the webpage
Check if you have enough copy on the page to satisfy the search engines
Check your website is responsive and will display correctly on different devices
Make sure that you are n XML sitemap, you allow robots to crawl your site and have a favicon is in its place
Analyze all external and internal links on your web page
Check if your website is secure with a valid SSL certificate
Check you have social media links on the page
Check there are alt-tags for each image on the webpage
Check how fast your webpage loads – search engines penalise slow load speed
We check you have 404 message enabled on your website

Work With Us

Let our team of experts increase your online visibility by ensuring the key pages on your WordPress website are fully optimised.

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Done For You

We implement a proven, systematic step by step process to make your site more receptive to search engine spider bots and when integrated with off page seo, can help improve your organic online ranking.

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You can expect a high level of service, quality results you deserve and flexible payment options to suit your budget.

Guaranteed Results

We have proven our on-page optimisation strategies work giving you peace of mind that your business will be more visible to the search engines which will result in better search result listing.